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Tapas in Orihuela; it?s all about walking around the town and enjoying the cuisine though the typical tapas in our many restaurants, taverns, inns and bars. It means enjoying Orihuela with all of your senses.

Orihuela is a great place for tourist to sample their first tapas.

In all good restaurants, taverns, inns or tapas bars, it is easy to enjoy these local delicacies, whether on your own, with your partner, family or friends, thanks to the hard work of Orihuela's restaurateurs.

All Orihuela?s kitchens work hard to make sure that going out for tapas while on your holiday is not something you will quickly forget.

Going out for Tapas in Orihuela will allow you to savour some of the following tapas that we will mention to you by name, washed down of course with a great class of local or national wine or a pint of beer.

Among the tapas that we recommend you try when out in the restaurants in Orihuela and the Vega Baja region are:

-Pelotas (meatballs)
-Ensaladillas (Russian salad)
-Salpicones (seafood salad)
-Mariscos (seafood)
-Salazones (salted fish)
-Embutidos (cold meats)
-Frutos secos (dried fruit)
-Olivas y vinagrillos (olives and pickles)

In some places you will be able to find great, different, more elaborate tapas from Orihuela, like:

-Chupito de gazpacho (gazpacho shot)
-Iglú de gazpacho con salazones maceradas (gazpacho igloo with softened salted fish)
-Crujiente de alcahofas con vieira a la parrilla y chips de plátano (crispy artichoke with pan fried scallop and banana chips).
-Coca de anchoa en salazón con escalibada ahumada y caviar de berenjena (salted anchovy cake with smoked vegetables and aubergine caviar)
-Langostino crujiente salpicado de nuez, almendra y amapola (crispy stir fried langoustines with walnuts, almonds and poppy seeds)
-Berenjenas al cabrales (aubergines with cabrales cheese)
-Kokoxas de bacalao en su salsa (cod cheeks in sauce)
-Arroz de callos (tripe rice)
-Pulpo seco (dried octopus)
-Redondo de ternera en su jugo (beef joint in gravy)
-Milhojas de salmón con mantequilla de anchoas (millefeuille of salmon with anchovy butter)
-Cazuelita de berenjenas con bogavante. (Aubergine and lobster stew)
-Pincho de pulpo sobre espuma de patatas y pistacho. (Octopus on potato and pistachio foam)
-Ensalada de pimientos con taco de bonito y alioli de manzana. (Pepper salad with tuna and Apple aioli)
-Alcachofas fritas con harina de garbanzo y jamón. (Fried artichokes with chickpea flour and ham)
-Tosta de pulpo con pan de crital gratinado con alioli (Toast glazed with aioli and octopus)
-Timbal de brandada de bacalao y gamba roja de Denia con perfume de Azafrán. (Cod brandade with red prawns from Denia and saffron perfume)
-Chupa Chups de codorniz en tempura sobre culís de Oporto y piñones. (Quail lollipops in tempura on a port and pine nut coulee)
-Lasaña fría de atún de ijada y bechamel de tomate raf con un crujiente de pipas garrapiñadas. (Cold tuna flank lasagne with tomato bechamel and caramel coated sunflower seed)
-Buñuelos de verdura (Vegetable doughnuts)
-Croquetas de mejillón y gambas (mussel and prawn croquettes)
-Cucurucho de bacalao (cod cornet)
-Ensalada de espinacas y salmón ahumado (spinach and smoked salmon salad)

Come and try the tapas at some of the places we recommend in our travel guide and you will be able to try these incredible Works of art.

In most of the Vega Baja region you will be able to try the more traditional, high quality tapas.

The cuisine in Orihuela will make your mouth water and will be a party for your taste buds, all you need is to be willing to do two things; eat and drink.

We?re waiting for you.


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