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If you only have one day in Orihuela, you will havee 24 hours to discover this town teeming with history, nature, sun and beaches. Here we share all the towns secrets with you so you can see everything during your shart stay in the area!

Orihuela in a day, is a modest guide designed to help you organise and enjoy your short stay in the town. We remind you that you could also so the same in Orihuela Costa, or in any of the natural areas that surround the town.

One day in Orihuela, in the spring, you can do things like:

9:30 am -Staying in Orihuela town centre, you can enjoy breakfast with the morning breeze on the terrace of the Hotel Tudemir, surrounded by Torre de la Muralla and the unparalleled scent of orange blossom.

10:00 am - Now you are ready for a walk through the old town, visiting the cathedral and its surroundings, the Palacio del Marques de la Linde, Holy Week Museum, The Parish of Saints Justa and Rufina, the Marques de Rafal Square, the Palace del Marques and the Public Library in the Palacio del Marques de Pinoverde.

10:30 am - We continue walking and snapping the numerous monuments with out cameras! You can visit the University of the Salesians, University Miguel Hernández, sheltered by two squares with ancient ficus and greenery, the blue domes of the Church of Saints Justa and Rufina take us to the door of the Museo de la Muralla, a museum dedicated to the towns wall.

Descend the darkened stairways exploring the story of Orihuela discovered during different excavations while the humidity from the Segura river refreshes us!

11:00 am - When we leave, we return towards the town centre, while the sun in an everpresent blue sky dazzles us. It is lunchtime...time for a beer or something to calm our thirst naturally accompanied by a snack, sandwich or tapas, to recharge the batteries along the River Segura.

12:00 pm - Now we can cross the river and head down to our beloved path Gabriel Miró, the freshness of its spring, the old and majestic trees that combine with seasonal flowers. You'll enjoy a small botanical treat in this area!

13:00 pm - We return to the hotel, passing by the Orihuela Casino, and admiring its dance halls, library, and games rooms, as well as the tiled courtyard with staircase, which guards stories and movies filmed in the casino.

We continue strolling around the town, making time for some shopping in some of the best shops in Orihuela, shortening our time for lunch.

14:00 pm - Now off to one of Orihuelas exquisite restaurants, enjoying a day of one of the towns gastronomic weeks, a three course menu for 20 euros, along with plenty of drinks and a delicious dessert.

Now we need to rest, so we return to our hotel room to enjoy a typical nap, and we will mingle with the history of our town, joining the locals for an afternoon sleep.

15:00 pm - Siesta time!

16:00 - After a well earnd rest, we head down to the beach along the CV95 road which skirts around the orchard, the Pedrera Reservoir and Torrevieja lagoon.

17:00 pm - After about half an hour to 45 minutes we reach the Punta Prima Urbanisation, we look out to the beachfront using the balcony that is formed by the promenade. The sea is blue and calm...a typical day on the mediterranean coast! We head down to the sand and settle on the beach.

18:00 pm - On the promenade, you will find the Restaurante Punta Prima, where you can sample two martinis, white and red, and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

18:30 pm - The sea, still warm, invites us for a third dip since we've arrived.

19:00 pm - Time to delve into you holiday book, while the beach begins to empty, which is the ideal time for relaxing and good bathroom reading.

19:30 pm - We decided to end our afternoon on the beach, remembering to keep all our valuable belongings in the car, which is perfectly safe in the parking area at the urbanisation. The temperature is still around 25 degrees, so you decide to walk along the beachfront to enjoy the imminent sunset.

20:00 - To close the day we head to the restaurant terrace, preparing for dinner. We decided to end our night here!

21:00 pm - Enjoy a delicious dinner comprising of fresh produce from the Mediterranean, grilled squid, prawns, finished off with an ice cream, coffee and a glass of wine (for those not driving!).

22:00 pm - Live music with the evening freshness provided by the calm sea breeze in front of us, only the pounding of the waves produce a continuous sound!

23:00 pm - Now we return to the hotel, even more relaxed than when we came. Remember to bear in mind the traffic along the CV95 road at this time!

24:00 pm - Arrival at the hotel in the town, the group divides, some deciding to rest until tomorrow, others will be prepared to go out to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

1:00 pm - Once arranged, we enter one of the pubs, with various terraces in different places around Orihuela centre. In each one you can enjoy a drink and good music.

2:00 pm - At about 2:30, you can call for a taxi, heading to one of the clubs in the Vega Baja area. Good music, fun and plenty of pretty people. A great night out guaranteed!

3:00 pm - Good music and plenty of fun!

4:00 pm - More good music but now we are beginning to geta bit tired!

5:00 pm - It's time to go home, our day is over and we must sleep! The district of Vega Baja, and Alicante await with plenty more things to see and do if you decide to stay longer.

6:00 to 9:30 pm - Good night, see you tomorrow/today!


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