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Festivals and Bank Holidays

When it comes to traditions and fiestas the town of Orihuela and indeed the whole municipality consider these to be part of their heritage, whether cultural, traditional or gastronomically, this way the region has kept its unique identity over the years.

The whole municipality of Orihuela provides plenty of information when it comes to fiestas, supplying details regarding each festive occasion held here, as well as the popular and religious fiestas that best represent our town and region. These are:

San Antón; this is a traditional fiesta that is deeply rooted in our area due to the fact that we hold the only national ?Charlatanes? (chatterbox) competition.

Medieval Market; during three days in February the whole of the historic centre becomes the Medieval Kingdom of Orihuela, all the old trades are represented as well as period games, all wear medieval clothes and you can try the typical food of the Vega Baja del Segura region. The fiesta goes on during the day and into the early hours of the morning.

Easter; it was declared to be a fiesta of interest to the tourist in 1989. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday when they carry out representations of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; there are processions at night where beautiful songs are accompanied by the different bands that precede the processions. These processions are held through the whole week mainly during the afternoons and evenings but some are held in the mornings too. Easter Monday is a holiday; they celebrate the day of the Mona, with picnics in the countryside where you can taste the ?mona de pascua?, an Easter cake.

Fiesta de la Armengola; the eve of the 17th of July, the lights are turned on in the ruined walls of the castle, and on the next day, the local authorities meet under the cities banner and mace for a very popular religious celebration that is held in the Santa Justa y Rufina church, here they listen, as they do every year, to the legend of the wife of Pedro Armengol.

The 17th of July, Day of the Bird. On this day the standard or flag of Orihuela, the Oriol, is lowered from the balcony and carried by the local authorities on a procession to the cathedral, to then be accompanied by Santa Justa y Rufina to her own church, later it is paraded round the town?s streets and finally returned to its balcony that very night.

Moors and Christians, the fiesta of the re-conquest. It starts on the 17th of July and is another spectacular fiesta where you will be able to watch the recreation of the fights between the moors and Christians, the moors were the regions inhabitants before the Christians re-conquered the land. Once again there are processions that start in the afternoon and go on until 10pm. There are Moor and Christian camps, and supporters of both sides, battle reconstructions, fireworks, the party goes on well into the early hours of the morning.

Half year holiday, is a part of the previously mentioned holiday that is held six months before the fiestas. It tends to be held during the last weekend of January. In this fiesta they hold the following events: on Saturday night in the Teatro Circo they hand over the prizes to the file and rank of the previous year and the ambassadors for the coming year are put forward. The next day, Sunday, there is a parade offered by the named ambassadors with the attendance of the armengola, the leaving and coming ambassadors as well as members of the fiesta?s association.

Cattle fair; this fiesta is held on the 15th of February and lasts four days. As well as shows, you will see hundreds of heads of cattle as well as horses, both purebred and crossbred, as well as ponies and other animals.

Virgin of Monserrate, Romería and Orihuela Fair; among the local fiestas in Orihuela this is one of the most important as it celebrates the Patron Saint of the town. In this fiesta as well as the partying there are honours to the virgin and serenades and fireworks. This is a holiday for her loyal followers and all the citizens of Orihuela. It is held on the 8th of September every year.

Orihuela Coast?s Fiestas; these are fiestas held in August where you will enjoy different concerts, be able to taste traditional food from different countries in Europe who?s citizens now live in the area, as well as enjoy fire work castles. The fun goes on well into the night.


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